I Was Dead


Batman 12

I don’t need saving!

You need saving!

Batman 5

Where were you at midnight with the screams and shadows? The ones he can’t forget. The impossibility of brother defeating father, resulting in a broken home.

Where you there in the rain?

Which time?

The time in the car where all he could see was the gleaming of red, yellow and green stop lights, the weight of the bag on his lap, and the pressure of siblings on either side. He wasn’t supposed to remember reaching Landmark and the defeat of his mother as she realized she had no options.

He does.

Or are you referring to the rain on his face and sweat in his shoes as he ran to Pat’s house to escape the dinner table. The conversation. The talk of divorce.

They always leave.

Either way, you weren’t there!

Where you there when he learned to trust no one, over, and over, and over again.

Batman 13
Batman 14

I’m not coming back home. I’m going to stay here at auntie’s house and then go to college down south.

Just do what they do in the movie. Like this. What we did was wrong and it never happened. I’m going to school down south. Remember to get your haircut every two weeks. I’m not going to therapy with you. Pack your bag, we’re leaving. I’m sorry, but they’re taking the house. Forget about it, there’s nothing you can do. It’s in the past. Forgive and forget. I’m leaving to go live down south. He’ll be alright. Don’t be a statistic.

No, you weren’t there. I was there, teaching him to control every situation. It’s the only way to survive, adapt. To get out!

Listen to what they say and watch the way they move to figure out what they think. It’s the only way to plan for the worst.

Run. Don’t think. Just run. Move. Escape. Do whatever you can. If you stop moving you’ll die.

Batman 6

What can you do? Help? Save me? How?

Batman 8

How can you save me – because I won’t be able to stop them.

Batman 9

I can’t…

Batman 10

There’s nothing I can do!

Batman 11

I’ll die and he’ll be left alone. He needs me to survive. He needs me.

I need him to survive.


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