Kenneth is a public-school teacher for Wooster City Public schools, author, and member of the Rape Incest National Network (RAINN) Speaker’s Bureau. Over his ten years as author, he has written and published eight books. Those eight novels are: Thoughts in Italics, a book of short stories that range from speculative to science fiction; Writing in the Margins, a novel that intertwines the characters of Jack Mueller and John Rubaker that makes the reader question what is reality and fiction; Sequence, winner of 2011 Next Generation Book Award and 2011 NABE Pinnacle Achievement Book Award, is a dystopian science fiction novel telling the story of Andrea Remus and Thomas Charon through each memory they are forced to relive as they are downloaded in a computer known as the Pandora Complex to save the human race; The Diary of Oliver Lee, the first in a young adult trilogy that tells the story of Oliver Lee, his ability to “stream” stories from the minds of those around him, and his search for the first couple he ever “streamed”; Love and Fear,book two in the Liturian trilogy which tells the story of Kevin and his continued search for Oliver Lee and answers to his possible future and fate; Infinite Truths and Impossible Lies, the conclusion to the Liturian trilogy; Raped Black Male: A Memoirwhich tells Kenneth’s story of what it means to be a male rape survivor, overcoming stereotypes of what it means to be black, and male, and that men can’t be raped; Heroes, Villains, and Healing: A Guide for Male Survivors Using DC Superheroes and Villains,2017 winner of the NABE Pinnacle Achievement Book Award and 2017 winner of the Beverly Hills Book Award, uses comic books and back research to help male survivors of child sexual abuse understand and heal from their childhood sexual trauma. His ninth book is the first in his “How to Kill Your Superhero Series,” How To Kill Your Batman: A Guide for Male Survivors To Conquer the Need for Hypervigilance Using DC Comic’s Batman.